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How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

The budget depends mostly on what fixtures and elements you select for your bathroom upgrade. These selections include tiles, bathtub, faucets, cabinetry, sink and countertops. Of course, there are also additional extras to add, but these are the basics.

We connect you with our suppliers specially trained to help you select these items. With a wide range of products there is also a wide price range.

How long will this take?

The schedule depends on factors that are fluid, although we pride ourselves on our timely operations. Lately, supply lines mean there is more of a delay than usual. We make sure that we complete your project in as concise a manner as possible.

The amount of work and time involved in a professional renovation can easily be overlooked. A basic to slightly upgraded bathroom (drywall and tile alone) can take 2-3 weeks. No matter where a home is or when a house was built there are always surprises in the walls and we are open and flexible to dealing with whatever they may be.

Who is it that actually shows up to work on my home?

I am a hands-on renovator with 3 employees. We are primarily carpenters—the consistent and cohesive presence on site.

We also employ sub-trades as required. These sub-trades are a part of my crew; they are an equal part of the team and essential to our success. We enjoy established relationships with a collection of sub-contractors that we trust and appreciate.

These highly skilled trades include plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electricians, cabinet makers, tile installers, flooring installers and painters.

My employees and I are responsible for everything that happens on site, but trust the specialists mentioned earlier. Primarily my employees and I complete demolition, framing, drywall with taping, and finishing carpentry. Fundamentally though, we deal with problem solving all the odds and ends we discover during the duration of the work.

I’d like to try and save some money, can I supply my own materials?

We charge money for the cost of materials we require and a fee upon each. However, we receive a supplier discount on all these materials which means ultimately you pay us what you would pay a supplier for the same materials. Relationships between contractors and suppliers like this enable contractors to run a successful business.

We try to accommodate our clients as best we can though. We have been known to repurpose cabinetry taken from another part of the demolition, work with materials collected from the charity Edmonton’s ReStore, and donate any salvageable materials from our demolitions. There are pitfalls in such practices and we can discuss these further if you’re interested.

I’d like to try and save some money, can my relative/friend do some of the work?

We are ultimately responsible for the renovation and our success depends on the cohesion of our team. This becomes difficult—if not impossible—when people outside our team begin dabbling in our work. We are qualified professionals with years of experience and training. Familiar with all the intricacies demanded by the work we cope efficiently and effectively.

We try and accommodate our clients as best we can, and can discuss employing accredited sub- contractors, but ultimately, we strongly discourage using people we don’t have an established relationship with.

Will we get drawings?

We have neither an interior designer or architect on staff, but can recommend one if you would like drawings. Only our cabinet designer supplies drawings of their cabinets. We can discuss acquiring drawings as a part of our agreement.

Will you get permits?

Adlyn Construction will acquire all necessary building and development permits. The plumber, electrician and HVAC contractors typically obtain their own permits and schedule their respective inspections.

I would like to renovate my home, what now?

Connect with our founder Josh Hudon to schedule a “discovery call.” We provide some questions to think over beforehand. Given the competitive nature of contracting we can’t openly post all our project kickoff tools.

We like getting to know you—you’re pretty cool—because it equips us to provide the very best space for you. A unique space for a unique you. If you want an especially unique space make sure to check out our THEMED SPACES page.

During our consultation we investigate different possibilities together. Josh takes the time to walk through the proposed spaces measuring, taking notes and snapping photos. This provides an idea of the different constrictions and possibilities a space presents.

Then Josh follows up with discussion about budget, timelines and the paperwork. We start the work when we all sign on the lines!

Looking forward to working with you to create a space you’ve dreamed of that will serve you well.


The workmanship provided by Adlyn is second to none!

I’m picky, like “I-use-a-Shop Vac-to-clean-off-my-driveway” picky and for someone to impress me with their attention to detail is outstanding.

~ Charlene

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